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Sanilac County Community Mental Health, along with the Sanilac County Suicide Prevention Committee, and the #stopthebull program, is launching a three-month “You Matter” campaign.  The goal of this campaign is to showcase how each and every one of us makes a difference and impacts one another.  Whether you have a mental illness, a developmental/intellectual disability, a physical disability, or none of the above, You Matter; you make a difference.  Each month will highlight different topics with an article each week. 

May - The focus for May will be on what mental illness is, the stigma associated with mental illness and most importantly, the recovery process. Read more here.
        Week 1 - Signs and Symptoms
        Week 2 - Cindy's Story
        Week 3 - Jeff's Story
        Week 4 - Let's Not Forget

April - The focus for April will be on suicide stigma and suicide prevention. We focus on this as April and May have the highest rates of completed suicide. Read more here.
        Week 1 - "S" Words
        Week 2 - Stigma
        Week 3 - Suicide Silence
        Week 4 -
Cultural Shift

March - The focus for March will be on developmental / intellectual disabilities, as nationally March is recognized as Developmental Disabilities Month. Read more here.
         Week 1 - Lisa's Story
         Week 2 - Rosie's Mom
         Week 3 - Ben's Story



Casual for a Cause

Sanilac County Mental Health employees can participate in the Casual for a Cause program. Participants in the program are allowed to dress casually every other Friday in exchange for a $3 donation to the "Casual for a Cause" fund, with the understanding that these funds will be donated towards initiatives that benefit citizens of Sanilac County.