DCH CURRICULUM TRAINING ~ To access the MDHHS training modules, "Providing Residential Services in Community Settings" (DCH Curriculum Training), please click here to visit their web site.

CERTIFIED PHYSICAL INTERVENTIONS TRAINING is a certifiable Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training program that has been added to the DCH Curriculum Training program at no additional cost.  This eight hour class will be offered outside of the DCH curriculum.  In addition, Sanilac CMH will be offering a refresher three hour class. This is a physically interactive class. They require participants to physically interact with one another. Due to the amount of physical interactions, participants will need to follow these guidelines: 1.) Physically be able to participate and demonstrate physical interventions safely. 2.) Tennis shoes or any closed style shoe is recommended to prevent injury. 3.) Physical moves require bending over. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing attire. 4.) It is not recommended that participants attend class if a 3rd shift has been worked. For those staff that may not need these intense trainings, a less intense training entitled Proactive Intervention is included in the below links.

RECIPIENT RIGHTS INITIAL/ ANNUAL TRAINING provisions of the Mental Health Code and our contract with your organization require that persons providing consumer services obtain Recipient Rights Initial training within 30 days of employment and annually thereafter.  Recipient Rights Initial and Annual Training are face to face, done by the Recipient Rights Officer.  See the Community Calendar below for the training schedules.

AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION CPR/FIRST AIDE CLASSES ~ See below links for class schedules, registration and payment information.
Submit payment, made payable to Sanilac County Community Mental Health, and return registration to  Sanilac County Community Mental Health Authority, 227 E. Sanilac Avenue, Sandusky, MI  48471, attention Training & Marketing Coordinator two weeks prior to class.

CONtact people:

Laura Johnson - Community/Residential Contact - 810.583.0403 -  ljohnson@sanilaccmh.org
Beth Westover - HIPAA/Privacy Officer - 810.583.0318 - bwestover@sanilaccmh.org
Nancy Tezak - Recipient Rights Officer - 810.583.0377 - ntezak@sanilaccmh.org
Tonya Miller - Training Coordinator - 810.583.0416 - tmiller@sanilaccmh.org


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